Hastings Employers SolicitorsEmployment law is a specialist area where mistakes can be costly. Good advice can be a worthwhile investment for your business – whether you are looking to protect your business against possible future problems, or need help now to deal with a particular situation.

Here at Michael Foster Law we take a common sense approach aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Contact us now on 01424 203040 for advice on:

  • Contracts or statements of employment
  • Staff handbooks and disciplinary/grievance procedures
  • Support with disciplinary or grievance issues
  • Representation at employment tribunals and employment appeal tribunals
  • Preparation of compromise agreements where a settlement is reached

Our competitive fee structure can be based on a fixed fee or hourly rate.

If you are looking to set up a small business, ask us about our “On Call Service” to help ensure you meet all the statutory requirements. We also offer a “maintenance service”for a set monthly fee whereby we can be on call to answer all employment issues as and when they arise – your very own Human Resources service for a fraction of the cost.

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‘On call’ employment services for SMEs

Few small and medium companies can afford their own human resources department. Yet getting it wrong could mean disaster, particularly for smaller companies, with awards for Unfair Dismissal exceeding £70,000 and in discrimination cases unlimited awards. With the right advice not only can such claims be avoided but with the right advice employees can be used to their best advantage and positive relationships pursued.

That’s where Michael Foster Employment Law can help.

Firstly, we offer all businesses interested in our scheme a free ‘health check’ of company contracts and policies. We will identify not only whether they are legally compliant but whether they are achieving your company’s objectives.

For a one-off fee we are happy to update and sort out any issues that are revealed by the audit.

However, should you choose to join our ‘on call’ Employment Advice Service scheme, we offer not only a redrafting of all necessary documents but continual updates as and when they are necessary.

For a regular monthly fee (negotiable based on the number of employees and size of your business) Michael Foster is ‘on call’ to answer those employment questions as and when they arise. Issues can erupt into a crisis quite quickly. Prompt, helpful advice at the end of the line can make all the difference.

And if the worst should happen and a claim be brought against the employer, we will offer fixed fee representation before Tribunals as long as our advice has been taken at the earliest opportunity.

Finally, during the first six months of your contract you are entitled to a free one hour training session at your workplace, tailored to your needs and focussing on an aspect of employment law- for instance, equality and diversity.

So, in plain language, what’s covered?

  • ‘On call’ advice from a senior solicitor experienced in the employment field
  • An audit and redrafting of all necessary employment documents including contracts of employment, staff handbooks etc.
  • Support if grievances are raised by staff so avoiding unnecessary conflict.
  • Support for disciplinary, capability and redundancy issues
  • Updates about employment law changes
  • Employment Tribunal representation for a fixed fee (£500.00)
  • All advice given and legal work carried out by a qualified solicitor regulated by the

For an appointment to discuss your situation call Michael Foster Solicitor, 01424 203040 or email [email protected].